"I didn't set out to be an advocate for others, I was just trying to heal. Then I heard another woman say "me too". 


While sharing her story, Wanda realized her presence had the power to engage, encourage and empower other women. During her healing she learned the impact when you listen, believe and support someone through their healing process.

Be the change you wish to see in the world...


Helping bring peace of mind to our customers.



Listen differently. 

Listen to understand not to respond. 

Listen with compassion and concern. 

Listen with empathy not sympathy. 

Listen with your heart.

Listen and Learn..


Believe with no judgement.

Believe in new beginnings 

Believe in second chances

Believe circumstances can change for the better

Believe we all try to do our best, even if we sometimes fall short

Believe in the power of love....


Support with love.

Support with out conditions...

Support dreams and goals

Support each "next right thing"

Support each other.......