In January of 2018, Wanda had a vision to write a play about Domestic Violence as another way to promote awareness. In October 2018 the play premiered to a sold out crowd with a encore performance in December 2018.

2019 Performance dates coming soon.

Not Just October Promo

We prayed, we laughed and we celebrated one another as sisters. 

It's Never the Victims Fault

Not Just October sends a very important message to victims and survivors, that another persons abusive behavior: Is NEVER your fault.

The play features 12 Women with 12 inspiring stories. 

Domestic Violence is not about the pictures but the lives that are impacted as a result of the abuse endured by one and caused by another.

 The actors are actual survivors and their stories are real.

Learned Behavior

Abusive patterns are learned behaviors. Somewhere is an abusive persons life they received a message that violence was the way to handle uncomfortable situations and feelings.  Abusers need help to overcome their violent tendencies.

In Memory  

Despite all efforts, some victims do not make it out of the relationship. We will always honor our fallen victim/survivor sisters.